Sexpert reveals only sex tip you will ever need

Dec 9, 2016

Sex can be AMAZING but it can also be the most cringe inducing, awkward experience of your life. Even the most seasoned sexventurer among has their bad days. But what if you had a sex tip, so fantastic, so MIND BLOWING that it’s guaranteed to bring you to climax, every single time?

 Well now you do.

 A sex researcher has revealed the only sex tip you will ever need to bring on the fire works without fail.

 You ready?

 Communication is the key to achieving an orgasm. Listen to your partner.


 Cue every woman in the world rolling her eyes.

Good Sex Depends On Your Partner's Motivation

Oct 30, 2013

What motivates people to have sex? Amy Muise and her colleagues at the University of Toronto say there are two main reasons we get it on: approach goals and avoidance goals. A person who has sex for "approach goals" is motivated by positive outcomes, such as feeling closer to a partner or physical pleasure. In contrast, a person who has sex for "avoidance goals" is focused on avoiding negative outcomes, such as disappointing a partner or preventing a fight. Approach and avoidance theories of sexual motivation are not new. But for the first time, researchers looked at how a person's sexual goals impact the quality of the relationship and the level of sexual satisfaction of their partner. This was demonstrated in three studies recently published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. In short: Researchers found that people's goal's for sex matter. It changes the sexual experience.

John Edwards sex tape suit settled

Feb 27, 2012

John Edwards sex tape to be destroyed following settlement
John Edwards’s former mistress, Rielle Hunter, has been declared the owner of the sex tape featuring herself and the ex-presidential candidate, and the video will be destroyed, according to a report on Thursday.

The civil case between Hunter, who has a child with Edwards, and former campaign aide Andrew Young was settled on Thursday, ABC-11 WTVD reported. Hunter was deemed the owner of the tape, and the court ordered Young to return the video.